Autism Age

  • Autism and ageing: introduction
  • Being autistic: a personal perspective
  • Supporting ageing autistic adults
  • Reasonable adjustments

Awareness training will benefit

  • Social workers and benefits assessors
  • GPs and consultants
  • Hospital clinicians and nurses
  • Carers & support workers
  • Adult services commissioners
  • NHS Trusts

  • Advocates
  • Employers & work colleagues
  • Residential homes providers & staff
  • Therapists
  • Families of autistic adults

Training to raise awareness and provide effective support

It is possible to understand and support autistic adults who experience difficulties and with a little flexibility, you can make a significant difference to their lives. My specialist knowledge of the health and social welfare issues faced by ageing autistic people was developed through my years leading the ageing and autism workstream for the NAS. In 2014, the Ageing and Autism project won the National Autistic Society's Award for Outstanding Adult Services. 
Having a diagnosis of autism allows me to relate personal experience to objective knowledge.


​Half day courses include a presentation and discussion, with exercises where helpful. A workbook is provided. Courses can be tailored for your requirements. Fees vary according to your needs but will be competitive. Available countrywide. 

Subjects covered include:

  • Communicating with autistic adults
  • The impact of sensory issues in everyday life
  • Working with autism: tips for employers and colleagues​
  • Autism and ageing. Social and residential support

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