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About Cos Michael

I am an autism consultant and trainer, specialising in adulthood and ageing. 

Having been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome aged 50, I joined the National Autistic Society, to lead their Autism in Maturity, then Autism and Ageing projects. Through this work, I gained a specific knowledge of issues around autism and growing older as it impacts on health, social life, home care, supported environments and communication.

Now I offer talks and training tailored to the needs of professionals who come into contact with adults on the autism spectrum, covering a range of issues. I also write and give conference presentations.

My aim is to raise your awareness of what autistic life is like and what adjustments you can make to improve the quality of life for autistic adults, particularly as we grow older. 

I will also be building a blog, where I’ll write about what matters to me and I hope, to you. ​

Getting on has its advantages, with more time to enjoy interests and activities. So I hope to build this site into an interesting place to learn about life from the autistic perspective.