I found your visit extremely informative and thought provoking and City and County will certainly be building this into our future work.  

Derbyshire County Commissioner

The fact that you were prepared to put a personal slant on it made it all the more meaningful and valuable. 
Parents group

​​​​For conference speaking,  training and consultancy on autism and ageing, delivered by Cos Michael, autism and ageing consultant and autistic speaker

  • Health and wellbeing in middle and older age

  • Autism in everyday life, from a personal perspective

  • Autism and sensory issues
  • Autism and communication
  • Raise awareness at work, in medical settings, supported accommodation and in social settings

  • Discover how to support autistic adults as they grow older

  • Read my blog about what matters to this autistic professional​

Cos Michael talks about autism from the inside

Autism Age